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TEST POSTIVE!!!!! (August 24th)

Baby Cartwright @ 8 1/2 weeks. He\She is about the size of a Lima Bean, hence the nickname "The Bean."

Baby Cartwright @ 11 1/2 weeks. Top picture is baby bottom and legs. Bottom picture is profile with chicken legs (like mom).

Baby Cartwright @ 19 weeks. Bunches of pictures, baby sucking thumb, foot, and profiles.

Baby Cartwright @ 25 weeks. Top picture is of baby holding umbilical cord. Bottom picture is profile of waist up.

Leanne at 9 weeks.

Leanne at 13 weeks. Just a little pooch.

Leanne at 17 weeks. The pooch is growing.

Leanne at 26 weeks.... Definitely more than a pooch now!

Both of us a 29 weeks.

Leanne at 32 1/2 weeks.

Leanne at 36 weeks.

Refinishing an antique dresser to use as the changing table.